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Frameworks Films:

On its own initiative, Frameworks has documented many events occurring in Cork, particularly those which do not receive mainstream media coverage. They have built up a considerable archive of footage, some of which pre-dates the establishment of Frameworks.

Frameworks also has a deep interest in recording and collecting stories of people’s lived experience. In some instances this may be in relation to a specific project. Other times it is simply an attempt to capture the wealth of knowledge and experience within communities whilst they exist.


Cork Film Archive:

Cork Film Archive was established in March 2007 to promote the preservation of the moving image. The first project involves the digitising of films from The Cork Youth Film Festival  that ran for about 30 years in Cork City. It is hoped (providing funding is available) will be completed in a couple of years.

The Archive is also very interested in rare films (private home movies) of Cork City and County. It is hoped that one can further the preservation of the moving image by methodic documention of people and places within the the videos and films. If one wishes to contact us or would like to help with this task please feel free to contact Scannanlann Chorcai at the following address:

An Scannanlann,
Cork Film Archive,
1a Assumption Road,
Cork City, Ireland

Ph.021 4306019
or e-mail m

Check out the youtube  website:


Trams on the Grand Parade:


St. Patrick’s Street, 100 years ago:


Michael Collins footage:


Terence McSwiney footage:


Sports Day, Mardyke, 1902:


Blackpool history:


Fr. O’Flynn at 80 years of age:


Old pictures of Cork:

Cork City, My Memories:

Final of the International Cup at Cork Regatta (1902):

Mitchell & Kenyon in Ireland:

Pards in Ballincollig, re-enactment of eviction:


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Other films on Cork:

Richard T. Cooke’s documentary on the streets of Cork City: