Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project 2021/22

December 2021/ January 2022, Project Submission dates:

The early submission date for heritage projects is coming up – Thursday 16th and Friday 17th December 2021 between 9am and 4.30pm to the Lifetime Lab (Old Cork Waterworks Experience) on Lee Road, Cork City.

They will be expecting projects, but it is always best to ring ahead, 021 494 1500 and book in. They are planning to be in early the following week as well, so ring ahead.

If there are any concerns give me a shout or if you need to avail of the early January submission point, Wednesday 12 January. If there are any issues or questions, email Kieran at

Just a reminder to note the following:

         The names of all students should be clearly visible within project books on the first or second page

as well as the category they are entering, school, teacher, and class level.

         All models should be photographed and written about in the project. Models should not be submitted with the project books.

Memory sticks/ USBs or DVDs with short films should be secure but accessible within project books. Make sure that all memory sticks or DVDs are readable.

         Any publicity should be written about in the project.

         Please take note it takes about four weeks before results are announced.

Many, many thanks for you and your students’ hard work and energy. Do capitalise on the publicity section as it does give due justice to everyone’s work.

I look forward to reading projects. If there are any remaining questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

September 2021, Project Launch for Year 20!

To All Cork City National School Teachers and Secondary School History Teachers.

The Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project 2021 launches in its 20th year and is open to schools in Cork City. Funded by Cork City Council, the Project is an initiative of the Cork City Heritage Plan.

The Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project is aimed at both primary and post primary level.  Project books may be submitted on any aspect of Cork’s rich past. Suggested topics are over the page. The theme for this year’s project is “Cork’s Heritage Treasures”.

FREE and important project support in the form of funded workshops (socially distanced, virtual or hybrid) led by Cllr Kieran McCarthy in participating schools will be held in October 2021. This is an 40min workshop to give participating students ideas for compilation and resources.

FREE Workshop support is also available to schools who have never entered before and wish to have a workshop just to see how the project works.

The fourth-class level is open to fourth class students. The primary senior level is open to students of fifth and sixth class. Post primary entrant/s will be placed in Junior Certificate or Leaving Certificate levels. The post primary level is open to any year from first to sixth year. A student may enter as an individual or as part of a group or as part of a class project.

The overall Project continues to encourage and work with Cork students in celebrating, highlighting, debating and creating fresh approaches to our cultural heritage. Research and creativity are encouraged in an effort to create relevancy, awareness and appreciation of the past amongst young people. The Project also focuses on students gaining acknowledgement and self-confidence from their work.

There are prizes for best projects – trophies, book tokens, digital cameras and school workshops to be won. Certificates will be given to all entrants.

Interested…then read on!

– The application form for the 2021/22 school season is available here to download:

For further information, contact: Kieran McCarthy at

Key Sponsors of Discover Cork: Schools’ Heritage Project