Postcards of Cork, c.1900

Postcards of Cork, 100 years ago:

A selection of Cork postcards are below. Life in early twentieth century Cork has become a popular topic of research in recent years (World War I, War of Independence & social conditions). These postcards reveal the beauty of Cork City- its architecture, waterways, its parks and its people.

Blackrock Castle, Cork

Grand Parade with National Monument, cork

St Patrick's Street, Cork

St. Patrick's Street with Fr Mathew Statue, Cork

View from Blarney Street, Cork

Lavitt's Quay, Cork

Nelson Place, now Emmett Place, Cork

North Channel, St Patrick's Quay, Cork

King Street, now McCurtain Street, Cork

Kent Station, Cork

North Channel of River Lee by St Mary's Church

Queen's College, Cork

River Lee by St Vincent's Church, North Channel

St Finbarre's Cathedral, Cork

St Patrick's Church, Cork

The Mardyke, Cork

The Marina, Cork

The Marina, Cork

Tivoli, River Lee

Western Road