Cork Records Website

To all those who are interested in the history of Cork and those researching Cork families,
This webpage is dedicated to the collection of the historical records of the County and City of Cork. It has already been online for several years, with little or no publicity, and attracts about 500 visitors a month. People find their way here mostly by google searches.

There are several new features which I would like to announce:

1. THE CORKRECORDS DATABASE.  This is a searchable name index of the residents of Cork (both City and County) covering the years 1650 – 1850.  At present there are 11000 names on the database, but it is continually growing. Already it is proving useful as a guide to the family names of Cork.

2.  The latest addition to the CorkRecords website is THE HISTORICAL JOURNAL OF THE COUNTY AND CITY OF CORK.  Newly launched, it has precisely 2 articles so far.  I hope some of you will come to my rescue and send articles based on your research.  The Journal will not survive unless the articles are forthcoming.  So please, start composing now.  Articles can be on any historical or genealogical topic, provided they are about Cork. Instructions for the format is on the Journal Contents page: a Word document for the text with the photos as jpg attachments, all sent to me at the email address below.

The Journal will be freely available on the web and each page will soon be included in a google search.  Circulation: unlimited. You will be surprised how quickly this advertises your names and interests around the world. You are free to add your email address to the article if you wish, so readers can contact you directly.

I have always felt that Cork lacked a place for historical researchers and genealogists to publish their work for the benefit of others. There is no publication dedicated to Cork with a wide circulation and freely available around the world.   With your help, I hope we can remedy that.  Over time, the Journal itself will become a database of Cork names and places, and all will be accessible via web search engines. It’s up to each and every one of you now to help us develop it.

Kind regards, Kae Lewis