Cork Film Heritage



Frameworks Films:

On its own initiative, Frameworks has documented many events occurring in Cork, particularly those which do not receive mainstream media coverage. They have built up a considerable archive of footage, some of which pre-dates the establishment of Frameworks.

Frameworks also has a deep interest in recording and collecting stories of people’s lived experience. In some instances this may be in relation to a specific project. Other times it is simply an attempt to capture the wealth of knowledge and experience within communities whilst they exist.



Check out the youtube  website:


Trams on the Grand Parade:


St. Patrick’s Street, 100 years ago:


Michael Collins footage:


Terence McSwiney footage:


Sports Day, Mardyke, 1902:


Blackpool history:


Fr. O’Flynn at 80 years of age:



Old pictures of Cork:



Cork City, My Memories:



Final of the International Cup at Cork Regatta (1902):



Mitchell & Kenyon in Ireland:


Pards in Ballincollig, re-enactment of eviction:



Other films on Cork:

Richard T. Cooke’s documentary on the streets of Cork City: