History Trail, Bridges of Cork City Centre

They say the best way to get to know a city is to walk it – in Cork you can get lost in narrow streets, marvel at old cobbled lane ways, photograph old street corners, look up beyond the modern shopfronts, gaze at clues from the past, be enthused and at the same time disgusted by a view, smile at interested locals, engage in the forgotten and the remembered, search and connect for something of oneself, thirst in the sense of story-telling – in essence feel the DNA of the place. This short trail provides insights into the city centre bridges, their stories and place in Cork.

The trail on the link below is about two hours and the suggested trail is clockwise from Nano Nagle Bridge up the south channel and down the north channel to cross back to the south channel again and back to the National Monument. Follow the map.

Many thanks to Alan Patrick, Meitheal Mara, Cork Sports Partnership and Cork Healthy Cities for their inspiration and collaboration on this project.

Further more detailed history info can be gleamed from local historian’s Antoin O’Callaghan’s books on the city’s bridges (buy locally or online if not available);
Where Bridges Stand: O’Callaghan, Antoin: 9781845887469: Amazon.com: Books

and check out the Cork Independent index on this website, which carries articles on the bridges’ historic context,
Cork Independent Our City, Our Town Articles | Cork Heritage

St Vincent’s Bridge, Cork (picture: Kieran McCarthy)