Irish War Memorials

      The web-site below presents an inventory of war memorials in Ireland. It includes photographs of each memorial, the text of all inscriptions, and details of the site of the memorial. A database of all of those named allows a search for individual persons, with links to the photographs of the memorials.

   Many of those named on memorials are included in published lists in books, sometimes with photographs. Where this is known to be the case, the book is named and information about it is provided. In general, the books mentioned are lists of casualties or published rolls of honour. Regimental and military histories are not included.

All of the information recorded is to be passed on to the Military History department of the National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks, Dublin. Records of memorials in Northern Ireland will also be sent to the U.K. National Inventory of War Memorials at the Imperial War Museum in London.

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