Thinking About Local History

 Cork Coat of Arms, Old Waterworks, Lifetime Lab, Lee Road, Cork, 23 January 2012

Walk, Walk, Walk – An Archaeology of the Familiar and Forgotten

A very interesting group, Walk, Walk, Walk whom I met in London a few years ago and who have been studying place and rootedness in East London. Malcolm welcomes Gail Burton, Serena Korda and Clare Qualmann of Walk Walk Walk to the 104.4fm London studio.

“We always call it the backbone really which is a particular route in East London, in Bethnal Green, that we defined by conglomerating the routine walks that we make in that area; walks that were from home to a friends house, to the shops to part-time jobs, we put those routes together and defined a route….It was something we could share with other people, invite other people to come on and we could do that over time, repeat it, and work with it in various ways. To re-explore that place, the sense of place, the history of the area; of the people and how we could work with that…”Gail Burton (press play)